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Siem Reap's Wakeboarding Oasis!

Our Wake Park Story

In 2020, the ICF Wake Park opened, bringing wakeboarding to the area. By June 2023, it transitioned to Wake Park Cambodia under the guidance of two Swiss families, the Reuters and the Wunderlis. These families, initially volunteers at ICF Cambodia, managed everything from market research to construction and staffing.

After a period in Indonesia establishing a social project, Nadia and Leo Reuter returned in May 2023 to oversee the park, while Jael and Levi Wunderli focused on projects in Indonesia.

The park now operates with a team of 30 local employees.

Wake Park

Welcome to our Wake Park, a perfect destination for family fun and adventure. Our park features exciting wakeboarding opportunities, suitable for both beginners and experienced riders.


Unleash Your Riding Potential: Conquer the Full Size Cable at Cambodia's Ultimate Wake Park!
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Aqua land

Experience an exhilarating adventure at Aqua Land as you challenge your friends and race through thrilling water obstacles.
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Enjoy family fun, relaxation, and playful beach vibes at the Wake Park's sandy shores!
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Bar & Restaurant

Welcome to our restaurant, where we invite everyone to indulge in a delightful culinary experience.
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