Wake Park Cambodia

Conquer the Full Size Cable at Cambodia's Ultimate Wake Park!

Wakeboarding Siem Reap

At our Wake Park, we redefine wakeboarding with Cambodia’s only full-size cable system. The cutting-edge Wakeparx system is designed to accommodate all skill levels, from first-timers to expert riders honing their skills. Our park is a unique place for both learning and enjoyment.

Thanks to the Wakeparx system’s flawless operation, riders enjoy a steady and smooth experience, concentrating on their skills and fun. This modern setup, paired with our carefully crafted course, provides the perfect backdrop for enhancing wakeboarding abilities amidst the stunning Cambodian scenery.

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Aqua Land

Discover endless excitement at Aqua Land with our $8 All Day Ticket, offering boundless water activities.

Dive into a world of water slides, splash pads, and engaging games suitable for everyone. Prioritizing safety, every ticket comes with a free life jacket.

Ideal for family outings or spending time with friends, Aqua Land ensures unforgettable moments.

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Discover the unique flavors at our restaurant, offering a blend of traditional Cambodian cuisine and popular Western dishes to satisfy every taste.

Enjoy our range of chilled beverages, cocktails, and smoothies, perfect for any mood.

Sit back on our scenic veranda, embracing the beach view and the excitement of wakeboarding.

Experience the lively ambiance as you savor your meal, unwind, and observe the wakeboarders in action.

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Siem Reap Beach

Relax at our beach area, complete with a serene natural swimming lake. It’s the ideal spot to unwind, whether you’re cooling down after park activities or enjoying a laid-back day with loved ones. Embrace the beach atmosphere in our welcoming space.

Our five charming Khmer bamboo huts, along with lounges featuring comfy sofas and beanbags, offer perfect relaxation spots. For children, there’s a fun jungle gym and a mud kitchen to explore.

Top off your visit with delicious Gelato Lab Gelato from our ice cream stand. Plus, enjoy the convenience of having our restaurant’s menu and drinks served directly to you.

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